The Home Buying Experience

The purchase of a house is more than an investment, it’s the place you want to call home and where you plan to build memories. Our team will provide you with the key elements – market knowledge and research, industry expertise, patience and a stress-free approach when making this big decision.  Some key items to think about and steps we’ll take to further “drill down” on the perfect home matches for are as follows:

Getting to know you…
We will sit down and get to know one another and what you are looking for in a home and how it fits your lifestyle, your likes, your dislikes.  We’ll discuss such items like architectural styles, interior layouts, lot size, location, and much more…all the important needs and as many of your additional wants as possible.

Where do you want to live?
Location is a big concern with many home buyers and there are many factors that must be evaluated before selecting your homes location.  What are the schools like, is there easy access to highways and how far will my commute to work be, what is the culture and amenities/entertainment like in the area…these are all things to keep in mind during your home search.  We’ll sit down and review your key priorities and find the perfect homes that match these key elements.

Obtaining Financing and Knowing What You Can Afford…
Before you start looking for a home, you need to know how much you can afford.  Evaluate all the costs including principle, interest, property taxes, any upgrades you might want to do, any HOA dues, and maintenance costs.  One of the first steps in the home buying process is obtaining a loan.  Find a good mortgage broker and determining what you can comfortably afford is important. If you’re not confident in stretching your budget when buying a home be sure to know where that balance is. A lender will work with you to attain pre-approval for the amount you’ve requested but be sure this amount is line with what you want to pay monthly.

Search & Preview…
This is the time when your agent takes all the information you’ve provided and uses the many tools at their finger tips to review and search the best real estate options for you. A thorough preview of current inventory will be reviewed in an effort to meet the criteria established and the best of the bunch will be selected for you to tour. We’ll also setup a custom home match that will allow you to begin researching available homes in your desired area and continually receive updates.

The Offer…
Eureka!!! You’ve found it, the home you’ve been looking for. We’ll then review over the market analysis and determine a fair price.  Next, we’ll write a detailed contract that includes your offer price, closing date, inclusions, exclusions, and other important details.  We will then present your offer. If we should receive a counter-offer we will evaluate, review,  and re-negotiate until we attain the perfect deal that is right for you.

Due Diligence…
Don’t let the inspection stress you out.  This allows you as the buyer to investigate the property in more detail and fully understand and ensure that you are satisfied with the home you are buying.  Proper due diligence beforehand will save you considerable headaches after you sign the closing papers.

Closing the Deal…
You are about to own your new home! You’re under contract and all that is left to do now is the final paperwork and the closing details.  Guiding you through the important legal documents and closing events is what a great realtor will assist with and make sure everything is streamlined. A couple key steps to be sure to follow as you close on your new home: A) Don’t make any extravagant purchases and keep an eye on your credit and finances; B) make sure utility companies are aware of the sale and change of name; C) Plan a final walk-through of the home a couple days prior to closing to check any last minute details (maybe get some measuring in); D) confirm with all parties that everything is “locked in” and ready for closing.

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